Post 1: My Goal

Blind Optimism_61117 (1)

The word blind comes with a negative connotation.  When we say love is blind, we are essentially saying that there is something wrong with one person and the other is too stupid to see it.  When we speak of blind ambition, we are discussing a person who will do ANYTHING, especially bad things, to get ahead.   And blind dates, well let’s not even go there.

So, I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that, for many people, being blind is that last disability they would choose to live with (I’ve heard this statement a number of times).  And yet, this is the condition I, and many people all over the world live with every day of their lives.  Now, most people living with blindness, including me, are not completely blind—where everything is dark and not even light can be seen.  With these negative views and a terrible life sentence, how do we do it?  That is what I am hoping to explore through this blog.  I will reflect on the past 21 or so years of my life being legally blind, convey what is happening in my life right now—still legally blind—and, I hope, bring stories of other people living with blindness and/or other disabilities. 

My hope is that this becomes a place of support and inspiration, but ultimately, I would like to change how the world sees blindness.

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