Blind Mommy Monday

Blind MommyMonday


So, being a mom no matter what is difficult and I would never try to compare my struggles being a mom with ANYONE.  I just want to provide insight into what it is like being a mom with a vision problem.  And I know that every visually impaired mom is different, so just my disclaimer.

I have a 13-month old little boy and he is a little ball of energy.  He isn’t walking quiet yet, but my husband and I are convinced that he could probably climb to our roof if there were enough toys he could stack up.  And he tries to turn everything into a musical instrument.  Just to give you a little background and get a mom brag in!

There are many things I am learning about my vision now that I am a mom.  And I know from hanging out with other moms, that there are things I deal with that they don’t have to, but honestly there are much more similarities then I thought there would be.  Like, I was worried that because I can’t see everything on the floor, my son would get things in his mouth I couldn’t see.  Come to find out, that is a common worry among all moms.  And my son is now used to me taking things out of his hands and then giving them back because 9 times out of 10, it’s safe for him.  He also knows that if mommy is sticking her finger in his mouth, staying calm makes it go faster and she will either find nothing or something that is okay to be in his mouth—I think twice it was something that could hurt him.

It just goes to show that people are more similar than they are different.  And since this is mommy Monday, I will use a quote from my son’s favorite TV show, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood “In some ways we are different, but in so many ways we are the same.


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  1. I become so paranoid that I hoover every day and somehow my baby still finds things on the floor and I try to take them out off her mouth. I get so worried not knowing what it is. Most of the times it’s nothing and I breath easily

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