Blind Mommy Monday: Adventures in Netflix

Blind MommyMonday

As a visually impaired mommy, finding shows on Netflix can be difficult.  I usually try to put on a VeggieTales or Magic School Bus episode.  The only problem is, I only put on the TV when my son is clinging and sitting on my lap and I cannot see the menu from the couch (actually to see the menu at all I have to be standing about a foot away from the TV).  Because of this, it can be very hard to choose.  As a result, we have been witness to a wide variety of cartoons, and as a mom this is quite distressing because not all cartoons can be endured by an adult!

I know this probably doesn’t sound like a hardship, but in our Netflix driven society, well you know.  But yesterday, I had a victory!  I played Netflix roulette and won a Magic School Bus episode!  Score 1 team mommy.

~Lindsay Gomez

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