Blind Mommy Monday: Yes I Realize It’s Tuesday

So, I got my computer out to type yesterday and everything went wrong. My 23-month-old wanted to play on the computer and then once he lost interest because his neighbor friend came over my seven week old started crying open print to see colic cry for three hours straight). Yes, that is normal mom stuff. Guess what, blind mommies have normal stressful days too.

But, let me tell you why it doesn’t bother me too much when my kids scream their lungs out. Both of my children had what are called Trumatic birth. I don’t know if any birth story is “normal,” but ours would not qualify for being normal.

One day I will tell their stories, arnd explain what it’s like to be in labor and delivery and have C-sections as a legally blind mother. As well as, surviving be in ICU with less than perfect vision. However, that is not today, but the and ICU and why they were both kept there for a little while does have everything to do with why there’s screams are sometimes comforting.

Both of my children spent their first hours of life on oxygen, because their lungs were compromised. Not because of genetics, or birth defects, but because of incidences that happened during their births or immediately leaving up to birth. They are both fine now and their loud screams remind me to be thankful that they are.

Yes, the stories could happen to anyone. You don’t have to be blind to have a Trumatic birth story or be thankful that your kids Wongs work. It just goes to show that there can be similar stories in everyone’s lives. I’m not as different as most people would like to think. However, I did write this to post using my voice to text option.


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