Blind Wife Wednesday: Driving Ms. Lindsay

I have never driven a car . . . legally.  Don’t get too upset.  When I have driven a car (if that’s what you want to call it) it has been in a parking lot.  An empty parking lot.

Now, I want you to imagine that for whatever reason your spouse/significant other is unable to drive and there is no prospect of them driving in the future.  What would that do to your life?  What would change?  How would that work?

If you live in a city like New York or Chicago, where there are excellent public transportation systems in place, it probably wouldn’t be a huge deal after a while (I understand they have their problems, but they are better than most places in the US).  Where my husband and I live in Florida, we are lucky enough to have a bus route and a paratransit route (see link below).  Unfortunately, the service is unreliable much of the time and I have missed several work appointments due to poor logistic planning or simply failing to record reservations and not showing up.

After a few times of being completely disappointed and taking a few financial blows due to the inadequacies of the public transit in my area, we have tried to do as much driving within our family and friends as possible.  You can probably understand how difficult this could be when your husband and most of the family and friends who live near by have full-time jobs themselves.  Thankfully, I own my own business and make my own hours.

My husband drives everywhere we go and if I need to go somewhere without him, we must rely on others.  This has taken on new meaning with kids.  With our son, it meant making sure someone had two empty seats in their car and the car seat available before Nick went to work.  Now with our daughter too, I find I don’t even want to ask anyone to drive us.  For one thing, my family will take up your entire car.  Two car seats and a mom.  The second, and more stressful issue is that our daughter HATES the car and her car seat.  I see what her constant crying does to my husband while he is driving (even if it only a 5-minute drive) and I can’t ask anyone else to go through that.  And besides, our daughter is miserable and why put her through that unnecessarily?  We call the car seat the torture device now!

So, to wrap this up, my husband does not get a break from driving too often.  And now when he drives the family, he must be the only one dealing with a screaming baby (my mom will drive her too, but she doesn’t have to as frequently).  In marrying me he realized he would have to drive A LOT, but he didn’t know (neither of us knew) about the baby.


Paratransit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paratransit

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