Blind Wife Wednesday: Target

So, this happened today. . .

I’m breastfeeding in the Target parking lot and my husband decides to take our son into the store while I finish.  I settle the little lady into the carrier, grab the keys, and lock the doors.  We do park in the handicap/accessible parking spots so I walk to the front of the car and walk in front of the cars (the safe way).

I got lucky and some one was crossing when I needed to.  I’m walking slightly to the left and cannot figure out why I’m not finding the door.  I realize, when I see the BIG Target logo on the side of the building and in the middle of the sidewalk that I completely missed the door!

My sweet husband parked directly in front of the right-hand set of doors so I could just walk right in.  I called him to see where he was in the store and had to admit what I had done.  He was awesome and didn’t make me feel stupid.


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