Blind Wife Wednesday: Eye Roll

There is a study I had heard about several years ago about eye rolling and contempt as it relates to marrital satisfaction.  The gist is, more eye rolling equals more contempt, which leads to a higher rate of marital dissatisfaction.  Part of the link involves witnessing the eye rolling.  Well, I bet you could guess, but I have never seen my husband roll his eyes at me–not sure if he ever has.  I learned about this study before I even met my husband, so I have tried my best not to roll my eyes at him–you’d have to check with him about how I’ve done. 🙂

So, I guess I’m just wondering how this plays out in my marriage. I know that we discuss issues we have thoroughly; so his the marriage more verbal? Now I am thinking through the lens of the five senses. Because one send us lost, are the others stronger? And if so, can that apply to relationships? In a marriage, where two become one, where does my blindness end and his sight begin?

I can’t answer all those questions, even for myself, right now. But, I do know our differences are settled quickly. Is this because I can’t see his eye tolls? I don’t know. But it might not hurt.


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