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Blind Wife Wednesday: I Trust You, A LOT!

As a visually impaired wife, I have to trust my husband, so much.  Not just for the normal married couple things, but in almost everything in my life.  Here are just some of the ways a blind wife has to trust her husband that, I thin, women with normal vision don’t have to think about:

  1.  Walking through the mall holding hands.   

I don’t typically bring my white came with me when I am walking somewhere with my husband. So, I trust that you will watch both of our paths so that I will not run into somebody.

2. Making sure the coupons go through at the grocery store.

I spend a lot of time trying to find coupons to save our family money. If they aren’t going through we are wasting both time and money. I trust that you were watching out for us and our family.

3. Does my eye make up look OK?

Not only am I asking is it too dark?. is there too much?, is it too light?, is it clumpy?, etc. But I’m also asking, is it in the right places?, is there a patchy spot?, and the never ending saga, did I get a dot of mascara on my nose? Usually I do pretty well. But it should be noted that my husband is one of three boys. He did not grow up with a sister, so this is all new territory for him. I trust that you won’t let me leave the house looking like a clown.

4. Fast forwarding through our DVR.

I trust you when you tell me you are going through something unimportant, like the recap for AGT.

5. What in the world are our children doing?

I trust that you will tell me and quickly enough where I can laugh with you while it’s still funny.

~Lindsay Gomez

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