Just Thinking…

What if everything I do, how I respond or react; my speech, how I treat others, where I go, what I tell my children, who I interact with my husband, how I spend my time, my money,; what if everything had a purpose? A focus? And what if that purpose and focus were bigger than me, bigger than my happiness, my fears, my pain, my desires, my safety, my insecurities, my very existence?  What if I could completely focus on that purpose? How would my life change? How would my family change? How would the world change?  What if that focus didn’t take away from, but only added to my work, my relationships, my health, my existence?  What if the more I focused on this purpose, the clearer everything became?  The more I focused the more clearly I could see the significance of the purpose and the impact it was having?  What if I were not the only one? Not the only one focusing on this purpose? What if there were two of us? Or three, or four?  What if focusing on this purpose was the only reason I was even born?  What if my purpose was to make sure everyone else in my sphere understood this purpose?  Understood that focusing on this purpose was the reason for life and to not focus on this purpose made life pointless?  That with out this purpose life doesn’t matter, no one wins, everyone loses, there is no life, only death and destruction.  What if I was brave enough to sacrifice everything to pass on the knowledge of this purpose, and that was my purpose?  Everything that ever happened to me was in order to make this purpose known to the world? Not in a corrupt message, but a true, vibrant, pure message of purpose, peace, and love.  Would I be willing to sacrifice? Would I be willing to focus, just a little bit more on this purpose, if it meant I could save even one person?  Would I be willing to give up my idea of what goodness, safety, decorum is to focus on that purpose?

Just thinking…

~Lindsay Gomez

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