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Accessible Parking

I always thought that because I do not drive and do not use a wheelchair, I did not need an accessible parking permit. My husband had a totally different opinion. He saw the permit as solving a safety concern. We discussed this at length, multiple times.

It was not until I was pregnant with our son that his arguments were able to penetrate my stubborn, defensiveness. His point was supported by me observing the benefits in my own life. While I was pregnant, there were a few stores we frequented that provided expectant mother parking.  Nick’s thought about being closer to the store means I am in the parking lot less was very apparent.

One of the other benefits that became obvious once I expanded my mind to the idea, was that Sometimes I’m not even crossing the road. Some parking spots are right by the sidewalk leading to the front door. I am more independent, because I do not have to wait for some one to help me cross; I do not even need to cross.

Another benefit that was not apparent was the space I have when parked in an accessible spot. I am not worried about my door hitting the car next to me. Occasionally, I cannot tell how far the car next to us is. So yes, sometimes the cars have touched. I also have enough room to comfortable open my cane.

It might sound simple, and yes, I know I was still in denial, but I am sure someone else out there has or is having this conversation. If you have more benefits or questions, please comment. I am super excited to hear from you!


1 thought on “Accessible Parking”

  1. The generally accepted rule, law in most states and most countries, is that to qualify the applicant must be unable to walk 200 feet unaided. You cannot walk 200 feet on a parking lot unaided, thus you qualify. I am vocal in my complaints about people abusing the system and permits given out like candy at Halloween. Please don’t feel guilty; you need to be safe. Thanks.


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