Just Thinking…

What if everything I do, how I respond or react; my speech, how I treat others, where I go, what I tell my children, who I interact with my husband, how I spend my time, my money,; what if everything had a purpose? A focus? And what if that purpose and focus were bigger than… Continue reading Just Thinking…

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Blind Wife Wednesday: I Trust You, A LOT!

As a visually impaired wife, I have to trust my husband, so much.  Not just for the normal married couple things, but in almost everything in my life.  Here are just some of the ways a blind wife has to trust her husband that, I thin, women with normal vision don't have to think about:… Continue reading Blind Wife Wednesday: I Trust You, A LOT!


SE Asian Mission Trip (Part of a Bigger Story)

So, after training as a missionary, I went on a summer long trip to SE Asia. And though the cultural differences were staggering and the language barrier intense, the biggest issue I faced were the leaders from my own country! If you have a disability and hang around, encounter or are a Christian, you either… Continue reading SE Asian Mission Trip (Part of a Bigger Story)


Blind Mommy Monday: Feeding the Baby

Whether it's breast or bottle, feeding a baby when you are visually impaired or blind comes with challenges! And I have had to tackle most of them. Let's start with bottles; since that's what I did. For a variety of reasons, I was unable to breast-feed my son. The main reason being, my body wouldn't… Continue reading Blind Mommy Monday: Feeding the Baby