Update From Trip to Gainesville

Hey everyone! Kids have been sick, work has been busy, and my mind has been disorganized.  I wanted to get this out sooner, but life.  Alright, so here we go: Nick and I took the four hour journey North to Gainesville, FL (not exactly the dream couples getaway, but positive attitude!).  The doctor was still… Continue reading Update From Trip to Gainesville


Just Thinking…

What if everything I do, how I respond or react; my speech, how I treat others, where I go, what I tell my children, who I interact with my husband, how I spend my time, my money,; what if everything had a purpose? A focus? And what if that purpose and focus were bigger than… Continue reading Just Thinking…

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Blind Wife Wednesday: I Trust You, A LOT!

As a visually impaired wife, I have to trust my husband, so much.  Not just for the normal married couple things, but in almost everything in my life.  Here are just some of the ways a blind wife has to trust her husband that, I thin, women with normal vision don't have to think about:… Continue reading Blind Wife Wednesday: I Trust You, A LOT!


SE Asian Mission Trip (Part of a Bigger Story)

So, after training as a missionary, I went on a summer long trip to SE Asia. And though the cultural differences were staggering and the language barrier intense, the biggest issue I faced were the leaders from my own country! If you have a disability and hang around, encounter or are a Christian, you either… Continue reading SE Asian Mission Trip (Part of a Bigger Story)